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Speaker • Educator • People Lover

Tisse Mallon (they/them) is far from your ordinary inspirational speaker. Tisse exudes an authentic and relatable energy that captivates audiences. Their mission? To illuminate the inherent power within each individual, inspiring compassionate leadership and fostering real, deep connections.
Tisse's unique blend of humor, direct honesty, and a hard-earned understanding of the human condition gives them a fresh and engaging approach to heavy topics. Tisse has an exceptional ability to turn hardships into empowering lessons, a skill born from their personal journey from mental health struggles to thriving happiness.

Key Topics: Personal Empowerment, Joyous Living, Connective Leadership

Listening is the willingness to learn.


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Tisse is available for speaking, workshop, and podcast opportunities starting November 2023.

To ensure the content delivered truly resonates with your audience and aligns with your event's theme, book a Discovery Call with Tisse. This one-on-one conversation is a valuable opportunity to discuss your specific needs, your audience demographics, and the topics that will have the most impact.

A key element of inspiration is clarity.
Knowing what the next step is with full clarity invites the inspiration to do it.