Private Coaching

Coaching is structured around an individualized 3 month program which is developed after the introductory session. This allows us to get to know one another, focus on your particular goals/desires and build progressively. You can expect to learn the foundation of a meditative practice, how to connect with your higher self and build a personal toolkit for being able to handle anything life may bring your way. This program will include a combination of in person sessions, phone support and discounted entry to classes/workshops.

Use the following link to schedule  your complimentary introductory session:


Elevator Program

This new subscription based program is designed for convenience, affordability and incremental growth. We're all going through life trying to figure it all out. One of the myths our society propagates is that we have to do it all alone. Having access to someone who can help you gain perspective, provide guidance and ask the right questions makes your journey easier, gentler and happier. 

Additional Details​ - All sessions must be scheduled through the online scheduling site 48 hours in advance. Phone sessions are limited to 30 minutes for each call. In person sessions typically last 1 to 2 hours as needed.


- Single Option -
Unlimited Phone Sessions
One In Person Session

- Double Option -

Unlimited Phone Sessions
One In Person Session

My role in our work together is to:

  • Help you to understand how our minds work (why you’re not crazy, just perfectly human).
  • Provide you with tools for coping, managing and relieving the difficult bits in life (stress, grief, depression, loneliness).
  • Remind you what really matters in life (prioritizing joy, enjoyment, presence).
  • Teach you how to recognize and understand your own emotional patterns. Putting you back in control of your life experience.
  • Guide you through the creation of a compelling vision for yourself and your life that excites you.
  • Show you that all of your power is in the present moment - Now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow.
  • Reconnect you to your sense of curiosity, wonder and playfulness.